I have had the good fortune to study acrylic and watercolor with Joan Blackburn, Janet Rogers and Wayne Spradley. The instruction I have received from these fine artists expands my horizons and strengthens my art.

I have studied weaving with Denise Prince. Attendance at the International Saori Conference in Peachtree City. Georgia (2014) provided access to study under some of the Japanese instructors including Kenzo Jo who is the son of Misao Jo, developer of the Saori way of weaving.

My quilting study has been under a variety of teachers, both in person and online. My style is somewhat unconventional and freeform. That style has been influenced by my art studies also.

Artist Statement

As an artist I seek to portray truth with my art. Because abstract or non-representational art is left open to interpretation by the viewer, the viewer becomes a partner with the artist in this quest for truth. I use color, line, and form to evoke a response from the viewer. In my representational works I simply try to show the beauty of creation. Only when we realize that we are created can we create. I feel that my art is co-creation with God. When I get out of the way and let the work lead me, then I enjoy both the journey and the destination.

My work does change and I do paint in several styles. I do not view this as a weakness in my work but rather as being true to the work. My sincere hope is to serve the work as fully as possible. When being true to the art requires a different style, then I paint in a different style.

               Gene Black